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Halloween Mummy Pumpkin October 31, 2011

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Happy Halloween Everyone!!


I bet you have all been ready with beautiful carved pumpkins sitting on your doorstep for the past week.  Me?  Not so much.  If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m a bit of a procrastinator…Okay, that’s an understatement…I leave absolutely everything to the absolute last minute.  Including this year’s pumpkin.


While I love the toothy grin of a jack-o-lantern, I’m not the biggest fan of touching gross stuff.  Pumpkin guts definitely qualify as gross stuff.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate my mother who loves to carve pumpkins with her granddaughter.  This way, Skylar gets the pumpkin carving experience, while I get to be all arts and crafty with ours.  This year’s inspiration came from Pintrest (as all recent good ideas have).


I give you…. The Mummy Pumpkin!!



Duhn Duhn DUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!!


This pumpkin took me all of 10 minutes to do (uh, at 8:00 last night).  Perfect for a last-minute-aholic like me.  (who still needed to hem a Halloween costume before school the next day…I told you I was a procrastinator!)


Here’s the skinny…



Get yourself a pumpkin. (or have your daughter bring one home from a field trip)

You will also need large googly eyes and cheese cloth (both can be purchased at Michael’s).  Since we had a free pumpkin, this whole thing cost about $3.

Also, you will need to come packin’ heat, in the form of a hot glue gun.


Start by gluing the eyes to your pumpkin



Since you will probably not be bringing your pumpkin in to the store you will need to “eyeball” the size of your googly eyes (hehe!).  I think my eyes were a tad to big for our small pumpkin (40mm), so our mummy looks a little surprised.  No biggie though, it is Halloween after all!


You will need to cut your cheesecloth into strips.  Mine were about 1 inch wide.  They don’t need to be perfect, and actually look a little better if they aren’t.  Then wrap the cheesecloth around the pumpkin, leaving the eyes uncovered and a few exposed spaces.  Carefully use the glue gun as you go to secure the strips on the backside of the pumpkin.  Once finished, use dots of glue all around the front and bottoms to finish securing the strips.



And there you have a very quick, last-minute, (slightly startled looking), no-carve mummy pumpkin.


Okay, enough about pumpkins….let’s go get some candy!!….I mean, let’s take the kids to get some candy!!


Happy Halloween!




P.S.  I think this is a great project to use on one of those plastic pumpkins (also available at Michael’s).  That way you could save this guy for many Halloweens to come.  No gross guts to deal with either.  It’s a win-win!


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18 Responses to “Halloween Mummy Pumpkin”

  1. Dana Says:

    I’m not much for Halloween but this little guy is cute. My kids are adults so we don’t get to do pumpkins anymore. Thanks for sharing.

  2. L.B. Says:

    What a fun fun fun idea. I think this is creative and cleaver and I am so stealing it for next year as I hate the messy craving!! AWESOME!!

  3. Michelle R Says:

    How cute!! What a novel idea!! Surely beats carving and the mess that comes with it…and aint that the truth about field trip pumpkins!!! LOL thanks for the great idea



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