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About Us September 5, 2010

Hi there!! My name is Lizz, and I am the very proud mama of 8-year-old Skylar.  We live in a northern suburb of Chicago, in the world’s smallest condo. It may be tiny, but we love it.  All 650 square feet of it.  No, that’s not a typo.


I am a medical manager. I am currently running a busy practice, and I am President of a non-profit organization for medical managers. Basically, I’m busy.  I have a degree in elementary education, and I use that knowledge to create fun and educational activities for my daughter.


My munchkin and I both have Celiac Disease, so when we are not doing crafts and DIY projects, we are testing out fantastic new gluten-free recipes to share with all of you. We love food, and will not let an ingredient restriction stop us from making delicious meals and snacks. We want good tasting food, not just “good enough for gluten free”.


I hope to use this little corner of cyberspace to share with you all the fun things we make and do and eat.  I hope you enjoy it.