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Spring Wreath April 24, 2013

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Those of you in the Chicagoland area know that we are currently going through what we all lovingly call “Chicago Weather”.  For those of you that are not experiencing this with us, allow me to recap the past week for you:


Thursday: (high of 63 degrees) It rained so much that we had massive flooding in the area.  To date, a week later, there are still roads that are closed as they are under water.

Friday Night:  (high of 39 degrees) It snowed.  I had to scrape ice off my windshield.  Chicagoans never take the ice scraper out of the car.  Even in the summer.  Just incase.

Saturday: (high of 45) The sun peaked out

Sunday: (high of 53) A little more sun

Monday: (high of 66) Sunny, and I didn’t even wear a coat

Tuesday: (high of 59) Rain again, gloomy grey skies

Today: (estimate high of 49) might rain again tonight, or possibly snow.


This weekend is supposed to get close to 70.  My allergies and sanity cannot take this much longer.


As I dream about the nice spring weather coming our way (right?! please?!), and think about everything starting to grow, I went ahead and made something to make that dream feel like a reality:  A pretty colorful Spring wreath…




I thought it turned out quite cute, don’t you agree?


As some of you might remember, I made a white yarn wrapped wreath a while back, because I have a micro-sized apartment and don’t have the space to store more than one.  I like to put removable objects on the wreath so I can continue to re-use it. And that, my friends, is exactly what I did here.

(See how I made the yarn wreath) (Check out my sweet Halloween wreath)


I went to my favorite craft store, Michaels, and found a really cool green yarn that looked like glittery Astroturf.  I also found some paper butterflies and clearance colored flowers.  Don’t forget your coupon! Random thought tangent…Did you know they have an app that you can get the coupon for them to scan right on your phone, meaning you never show up unexpectedly without your flyer again?  However, I found that they NEVER have good reception in the store and I can’t get the app to work, so now I open the app in the car and take a screen shot of the coupon before I go in.  Works like a charm…




I wrapped the green yarn tightly around the bottom half of the wreath, so no white shows through.  This took one full skein, and I didn’t cut it at all.  When I’m done with this wreath I will be able to re-use the yarn (an other decorations) for other projects.  I secured both ends with a few T-pins.  Then I also used the T-pins to attach the flowers and butterflies.




Simple. Removable. Reusable. Spring-y.


So, what are you doing to make it feel like Spring really is here?




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