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Strange things people search for to land on my blog April 11, 2012

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I don’t know if the rest of you lovely bloggers out there do this, but I occassionally check out the Search Engine Terms section of my stats pages.  I like seeing what people are looking for, and how they landed here.  What really keeps me going back there is seeing some of the totally random stuff that people have typed into a search engine, and somehow end up at my website.  Sometimes they are funny, but I know exactly what they are looking for, like…


the game where u put the hair on the guy

Ah yes, you are looking for a game called Wooly Willie, and I wrote about  it in a post where I made a basket of car activities (check it out *here*).  Had I not known what this person was talking about, this would have been a little awkward.




how do you defeat the sock monster

One of my earliest posts is called Goodbye Sock Monster, and gives an easy tip on not losing little toddler socks in the washing machine.  But I do have to wonder if this person is actually planning something sort of other-worldly battle, in which evil comes in the form of a stealing-one-sock-from-the-pair-just-to-make-you-question-your-sanity sort of creature.


Some searches, however, are not so clear.  Allow me to share a few of my favorites….


little bit of this little bit of that meaning

I can get behind this one.  But does someone really not know this?


Baby background paper

What does that even mean?


Teacher gifts with a conscience

I thought my teacher gifts were cool, but maybe not…


Bacon and perogie pie, bacon and pierogie pie, bacon & pierogie pie, pierogie bacon pie…

I got all of these in one day!  I fully understand this person’s need for Bacon Pierogi Pie, because it’s delicious!!!  Alright fine, just let me help you with this one… *Click Here*


Supermarket owl cake

I’ve never make anything with owls.  Certainly not a supermarket cake.



What is that?  It’s not even in english!


search gonegf

Don’t think this one is either


swan tin foil pipe

When I first read this I of course thought of the leftovers wrapped in tin foil shaped like a swan.  But what’s the pipe about?  Now I’m confused.  And there’s no swans here…


jelly belly harry potter bertie bott beans collectible tin

Does this really exist?  If it does I want it!!


uncooked skin on brats



round boiled icing cakes

Since I don’t know what this is, it sounds really weird.  Can anyone clue me in?


daughter mouth

Umm…yeah what about it?


child’s index finger

Um…I hope you’re not looking for one.



I hope you found what you were looking for =)



I really hope you found what you were looking for.  P.S…why didn’t you just put that as the web address instead of searching for it?  Just curious…


So there you have a very interesting collection of random things people search for to find my blog.  I hope you got a little chuckle out of it.  I think I will need to occasionally list these!


Have a great day!




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