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First Aid Butterflies March 21, 2012

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In honor of Spring finally being upon us, here’s a fun and easy art project: First Aid Butterflies!!



Things you need:

  • Paper in your choice of color
  • Markers
  • Gauze (or cheesecloth)
  • Band-aids


Have your child use the markers to color the gauze squares.  It’s not a perfect science, just give it some color.  Then pinch the top and bottom of the gauze together, and use the band-aid to attach it to the paper.  Just add a face and antenna, and you’ve got yourself a butterfly!



So cute!!


But don’t use up all of your band-aids!  With the amazing weather we’ve been having here in Chicago, I see a lot of outdoor play and scraped knees in our future.


Have a wonderful (85 degrees in March) day!!




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2 Responses to “First Aid Butterflies”

  1. so88lo28 Says:

    how can you use this as a therapeutic activity

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