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St Patty’s Revisit March 15, 2012

Since we did so many St Patty’s Day projects last year (and I couldn’t finish my project for today’s post!), I thought I would show you some of those projects again. If you are looking for a fun last minute project, we have lots for you to try!

(just click the photo to see the original post with instructions)


Make your own St Patrick’s Day shirt using freezer paper



Make a leprechaun sundae



Make a leprechaun trap



Enjoy a St Patrick’s Day muffin tin meal



I hope you found something you might want to try!


Make sure to come back tomorrow for a special St Patrick’s Day themed Gluten Free Friday!


Have a great day everyone!




For you Pintrest fans out there, if you are loving what you see, click the link below to pin your favorite project(s):

Make a Shamrock t-shirt

 Leprechaun Sundae

 Leprechaun Trap

 St Patrick’s Day Muffin Tin Meal


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