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St Patty’s Day Dinner – Crock Pot Beer Corned Beef March 14, 2012

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With St Patrick’s day coming up this weekend, the Irish are a-buzz with how they will make their evening feast.  You could certainly go traditional with a corned beef and cabbage meal, or go to McDonald’s.  It’s totally up to you.


I thought I would share my St Patty’s Day meal from last year.  I never got around to posting it, and have therefore been saving it for the last 363 days so I could share it with you now.  I took the traditional meal, and un-traditionalized it.


If you go to your grocery stores now, there will be tons of cuts of corned beef at great prices.  I say stock up if you’ve got the room, and toss some of those in your freezer for later.  You’re going to want them after trying this recipe.


When I got my corned beef last year, I pulled out the seasoning packet that came with it, opened it, went “Eww!”, and threw it away.  Okay, new plan…Let’s make the corned beef like I make my beer brats:  in the crock pot, covered with beer, and cooked on low for 8 delicious smelling hours.


Good. Decision.


Moist, tender, no seasoning needed meat.  I didn’t take a picture while it was in the crock pot, because it looked really nasty.  But don’t let that scare you.  It’s worth it.  I ditched the traditional side dishes and went with a simple cheesy mashed potato and edamame.  I know edamame isn’t even close to irish, but when your kid requests a vegetable, you just go with it.



Yum Yum Yum!


And for those of you that hang out here for our Gluten Free tips, I haven’t forgotten about you!  Check out the packaging for the corned beef, or ask the butcher, to make sure you have a gluten free cut.  I know you can’t have regular beer, but did you know that there are lots of Gluten Free beers out there?  Check out your local liquor store, and enjoy the feast with everyone else.


So tell me…. What are you planning to make for Saturday?  Are you sticking with tradition? Bending the rules? Going to McDonalds?  Tell me all about it!  Feel free to share a link if you have one.


Tá súil agam go bhfuil lá breá agat!!! (That’s Gaelic for – I’m hoping you will have a fine day)




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4 Responses to “St Patty’s Day Dinner – Crock Pot Beer Corned Beef”

  1. Deborah L. Andersen Says:

    That sounds great! I’m going to try that for St. Paddy’s day! Thank you!!!!

  2. Kelly Meister Says:

    Yummy! I go all out….Corner Beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. Green River for the kiddo’s and green beer for me! I have the table all set with green everything, daffodils, balloons, beads and Irish music playing in the background! Of course we have our Shamrock shirts on. St Patrick’s Day is better than Christmas….no pressure to buy the right gift, just fun!

    • Lizz Says:

      Wow! You do go all out! I make Skylar’s orange juice green this morning, put her in a new shamrock t-shirt for school, and put green hair extensions in her hair. She looks so cute!

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