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Rainbow Fruit Skewers March 13, 2012

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This past weekend, Skylar and I were invited to a St Patrick’s Day party.  We love a good themed party, and we were really excited to join in the festivites.  When I asked what dish I could bring, I was given instructions to bring whatever.  Oh, the possibilites are endless!


I knew there would be a lot of kids at this party, so I opted to make something on the healthy (and gluten free) side that everyone would enjoy.  And, of course, it must have a St Patty’s theme!  Enter Rainbow Fruit Skewers…



Don’t those just make you feel like there’s a pot of gold somewhere close?!


After choosing our fruits of many colors, I cut them into similarly sized pieces, then laid everything out for a bit so it wasn’t super super moist.



I put them onto the skewers, and Voila!  A beautiful rainbow of a healthy treat!


Stay tuned for more St Patty’s Day fun!!  If you want to see the fun things we came up with last year for this jolly green holiday, Click Herefor all of our St Patty’s Day posts.


Have a great day everyone!




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