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Muffin Tin Monday – Deconstructed Stir Fry November 7, 2011

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We’ve been really busy around here lately, and have been missing our muffin tin meals.  We were finally able to pull one together this weekend, and I think it turned out really nice.  I was working on a new Gluten Free meal to post on Friday (come back for that!!), and decided to also make a totally different kind of muffin tin meal.  In the end, it ended up being like a stir fry, but with all of the ingredients staying separate…and I will call it Deconstructed Stir Fry.



Top Row (left to right): orange slices, mixed veggies, baby carrots

Bottom Row: GF Orange Teriyaki Chicken, jasmine rice, GF Orange Teriyaki Shrimp

Middle: Gluten Free fortune cookies


I realize now as I’m typing this that I totally forgot to put in those little baby corn-on-the-cobs!  Bummer, I’ll have to remember for next time!


Since I’m saving the recipe for the chicken and shrimp for Friday, I will give you one tidbit.  Some of you may not know that teriyaki sauce and soy sauce are often made with wheat.  However, there are several gluten free options available, right on the same shelf as the others.  Just look for those magic words…



And you will never know the difference; it takes the same as the regular stuff.


We also always have a box of GF fortune cookies around, because what is chinese food without a fortune?  These may not be your traditional crescent shaped treat, but Skylar loves ’em, and I will admit they are pretty darn tasty.



I hope you’ve all enjoyed our Deconstructed Stir Fry.  I know Skylar did!  If you want to see what the other amazing moms have made this week, check out Muffin Tin Mom’s Site.


Muffin Tin Monday at Muffintinmom.com


Have a great week everyone!




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7 Responses to “Muffin Tin Monday – Deconstructed Stir Fry”

  1. Fun idea- I did not know that soy sauce could have wheat in it… of course, with my daughter’s allergies, I’m still looking for soy sauce without soy!

  2. Feeding my four sweeties Says:

    Looks delicious. Those fortune cookies look like a great option.

  3. Kristen Says:

    I am taking over the Improv Challenge since Sheryl has left the blog world. If you are interested in continuing, please send me an email frugalantics (at) yahoo (dot) com. Hope to hear from you!

  4. […] week for Muffin Tin Monday, I showed you our Deconstructed Stir Fry.  Part of that meal was Orange Teriyaki Chicken and Shrimp.  It was utterly scrumpcious and […]

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