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Gluten Free Friday / Skylarism October 7, 2011

Filed under: Friday in Photos,Skylarisms — Lizz @ 4:30 pm

I thought it would be fun to mash-up two of my favorite regular posts for today. So today I have for you a GFFriday with a Skylarism (something funny/awesome that comes out of my daughter’s mouth).  Here you go:


(7:15 am)


Me: “Skylar…it’s time to get up.”


Skylar: (mumbling) “5 more minutes…”


(5 minutes later…okay maybe 10 minutes)


Me: “Skylar…it’s time to get up.”


Skylar: “I can’t wake up because I have Celiac Disease.”


I’m pretty sure the laughter that burst out of me got her right out of bed. 


Then we had a chat about how Celiac Disease will not disrupt anything in her life outside of food.  So no, you cannot use it as an excuse to sleep in, get out of cleaning your room, or extend your curfew (in the future).


Wish me luck everyone!




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