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Muffin Tin Monday – Pretty Flowers September 26, 2011

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Happy Muffin Tin Monday!!


After a crazy Saturday of Apple/Raspberry/Pepper picking, Skylar and I were determined to have a quiet easy Sunday.  We even wanted a quick and easy muffin tin meal.  We opted to go without a specific theme, but we used our silicone flower cups on a plate to change things up a bit.  So here is one of the fastest muffin (non-)tin meals I have ever made:



Clockwise (starting at bottom left): Carrots, Cracker Jacks, Pistachios, GF Pretzel Sticks, Raspberries (freshly pick by us!)

Center: Buttered GF Penne Noodles


There is really no explanations needed for this tin, but there are 2 gluten-related things I want to say: 


First, I know there is some controversy over caramel, and is it gluten free or not.  Here’s my reasoning:  I read though the ingredients, no wheat.  Cracker Jacks (like many companies now) give allergen information (Including if it’s processed in a facility with allergens), and it doesn’t mention containing wheat either.  I even checked the website (*here) and they say no gluten ingredients.  So my vote is that it’s okay.



The other thing I wanted to share is that we have finally stumbled upon a really good tasting GF pasta!  That penne we used for this meal was from Schar.  It was, to date, the best tasting GF pasta we have tried.  It tasted exactly like regular pasta!  We had gotten a sample when we got our gift basket from the University of Chicago (If you missed that post, *click here* for information on that amazing program).  I’m so happy we finally tried it!  We recently tried a Schar product that we didn’t care for, so I’m learning that not all products within a company’s GF line are created equal.


Make sure you check out the other amazing muffin tin meals over at Muffin Tin Mom’s site


 Muffin Tin Monday at Muffintinmom.com


Have a great week everyone!!




2 Responses to “Muffin Tin Monday – Pretty Flowers”

  1. jdaniel4smom Says:

    It sounds like you had a busy weekend! The tin looks yummy!

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