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Muffin Tin Monday – Up September 12, 2011

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I asked Skylar what them she thought would be fun for our muffin tin this week, while she was watching the movie Up. (If you have not see this movie yet, you really should, it’s lovely)  She decided we should do things that are up in the sky.  Great idea!



Top Row (Left to Right):  orange sun (with choc chip face, and GF brown rice spaghetti rays), a peanut butter nutella sandwich kite, night sky with stars

Bottom Row: Pirate Booty clouds, milk straw kite string, grape balloons


We thought this tin turned out super fun!


The night sky was a little different for us.  I used a piece of grape fruit leather (since it’s the darkest), and pushed in a few of these little rock candy pieces that we got at the asian food market.



Cute, crunchy, and yummy!


The milk straw is something that I will be posting about this week for Gluten Free Friday, so come back to check it out!


We will be sharing this, as always, at Muffin Tin Mom’s Site.


Muffin Tin Monday at Muffintinmom.com


Have a great weekend everyone!!




10 Responses to “Muffin Tin Monday – Up”

  1. jdaniel4smom Says:

    I love your sky! I will have to come back and learn about the milk straw.

  2. Oh wow, I used to love those little crunchy sugar things when I was a kid – I’d forgotten all about those! I love your tin – they are all great ideas, and I might just have to copy them one day! (The Muffin loves those straws too – she calls them “Cow Straws”).

  3. jojoebi Says:

    what a fun tray, I will have to start doing more themed tins

    • Lizz Says:

      Thanks! I find it easier to be creative when I’m working with a theme. I love letting Skylar choose a theme for me, because it really gets her involved and excited.

  4. this just made me smile today!!!! it is so pretty and fun and inviting! and very creative, too!!

  5. Carrie K Says:

    My daughter got some of those milk straws for her birthday…totally fun!

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