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Organizing Reward Cards August 18, 2011

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I’ve seen this done a few times, and have wanted to do this for quite a while.  My store rewards cards are a mess.  There’s so many of them, and I never seem to have the right ones with me when I need them.  I thought this idea would help me take advantage of all those reward programs, even when I make unplanned trips to the stores.


Start by gathering all of your rewards cards.  You can have a mixture of full sized cards and key chain cards.  I prefer the key chain cards, when available, because they already have a hole in them.  You will also need a hole punch and a book ring.



Take all of the full sized cards, and decide where you can punch a whole without punching through any barcodes, ID numbers, important info, or magnetic strips on the back side.  For me, it was to one side, close to the middle.  You will then need to punch those holes.  It’s a little difficult to punch through the plastic cards, so I actually used a pair of pliers to get my punch to work.  I also used an already punched card as a template for the next one, so they all matched up.



Once all the cards have holes, use the book ring to keep them all together.



Now the whole thing can be tossed into my purse, and pulled out when needed.  It takes up a lot less space than the extra wallet I was carrying them around in before.  Simple and Easy!!


Happy Organizing!




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