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Gluten Free Friday – Creating a Safe Spot August 5, 2011

Welcome back to Gluten Free Friday!!


This week’s GF tidbit will be pretty short, as we will be spending the weekend roaming around downtown Chicago at Lollapalooza!  (If you don’t know what this is…it’s a huge 3 day music festival).  It’s our first time going, so we’re really looking forward it.


I have a tip for those of you that are working on creating a mixed household (both glutened and gluten-free):  Create safe spots for all of the gluten free foods.  We created several.  There’s one lower cabinet that already has all of Skylar’s cups, plates, ect.  I decided to also put her own toaster, strainer, and other non-food items in there as well.  The fridge has a spot for her food, and her canned food in the upper cabinets. is separated.


The majority of her food is kept in the pantry, where we have a dedicated shelf for her.



This really helps her to know what she can grab for snacks, and for sitters to know what food is safe to give her.


I found that when I started reorganizing to accommodate her food, I was also able to do a little cleaning up in all of the areas of kitchen.  In the end I had a well organized, separated kitchen.


Have a great weekend everyone!  I know I will!!




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