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Sometimes I’m “That Mom” July 6, 2011

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There are times that I get a little crazy.  Sometimes it’s over something small, and I start to question my sanity.  Right now, my mind is on school supplies, and I can feel the crazy bubbling to the surface.  We’re not even half way through summer, and already I’m thinking about school shopping….



Last year, for Skylar’s Kindergarten school supply list, I gave myself a challenging $10 goal, and totally nailed it.  I didn’t have a blog back then, so you’ll just have to take my word on that.  I must have gone to 7 or 8 different stores to get everything I needed.  If you had boxes of pencils for 1 cent, I was there!!  It was exhausting, but I was proud of myself.


This year I’ve decided to give myself the same challenge.  Our school will provide all of the children’s school supplies for a price.  For first grade, it’s $76.  I don’t think so.  The list is quite a bit longer than last year’s so I’m going to up my budget to $20.  Here’s what I’m going to try to get for that price…

  • 2 boxes of crayons – 24 count
  • 2 boxes of washable Crayola classic color markers (1 wide, 1 fine)
  • 8 Elmer’s glue sticks
  • 1 pair of 5″ pointed scissors – Fiskar’s brand
  • 2 boxes of 12 #2 pencils
  • 1 box Crayola colored pencils
  • 2 Pink Pearl erasers
  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • 1 roll Scotch tape
  • 1 plastic pencil box
  • 1 box of quart sized slide-lock bags
  • 1 box of gallon sized slide-lock bags
  • 4 dry erase markers – Expo/fine tip
  • 6 pack of highlighters – chisel tip – yellow/blue/green/pink/orange/purple
  • 3 plastic, 2 pocket folders with prongs
  • 1 hand sanitizer/foaming
  • 3 plastic folders, 2 pocket, red
  • 3 plastic folders, 2 pocket, blue
  • 3 plastic folders, 2 pocket, green
  • 1 envelope, poly, top load, letter sized, velcro closure


I’m a little apprehensive about this goal, but I’m going to do my best.  When well planned, I should be able to get most of these items for a dollar or less.  Where I know I will have trouble is when they ask for something very specific, like by brand.  Or that last one? Not even sure what they’re talking about, so that one’s going to be interesting.


Most of the back-to-school sales will happen next month and there are definitely a few things I will wait to buy then, but I’m going to try to be ahead of the game this year.  I’ve got my list, and I’m scouring the sales papers.  Let me know if you see something good from my list! 


So tell me…do you set a goal for your school supplies?  What’s your best pre-school shopping tip?  Are you as crazy as I am and go to 100 different stores for the best deals?  Tell me all about it!


Happy Hunting People!!




8 Responses to “Sometimes I’m “That Mom””

  1. Mom aka Grammy Says:

    You forgot the Black Sharpie to write her name on every single item! LOL

    • Lizz Says:

      They actually state very specifically not to write their name on everything. So no, she will not have 24 pencils with her name on every single one! =)

  2. Kristy H Says:

    I have always LOVED school supply shopping, back before I had kids I would go buy my little sisters supplies, my Mom loved it! Now, I’ve learned to pick up what I can during the Back to School sales, and then stock up when it all goes on clearance after school has started.
    Right now, we have about 15 packs of notebook paper, 10 packs of pencils, 5 packs of pens, a ton of crayons and colored pencils, and folders galore! Most of which I got for a dime each! The only things I spend more on is the Prang paints they have to have and the crazy expandable folders, which break every month, lol!

    • Lizz Says:

      I don’t know what it is about school supply shopping, but I just can’t get enough! That’s a great suggestion to stock up after school starts. I will have to start thinking ahead for next year!

  3. Mindie Says:

    I can’t say I enjoy school supply shopping but I appreciate you linking this to Bacon Time. My list from the school is up on the fridge and I usually wait to buy until the last week before school to make sure the new items don’t get lost or used. Hope to see you link up again this week.

  4. I think the last item is one of those bid clear envelopes. Like the old school manilla envelopes except colored clear plastic and with a velcro closure instead of the metal brad.

    Oh, and I love back to school shopping!

    • Lizz Says:

      You are right on the money! The problem is going to be finding exactly what they’re looking for. I’m getting close but no cigar.

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