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Skylarism – Cops VS. Police June 20, 2011

Filed under: Skylarisms — Lizz @ 3:25 pm

Skylar was playing with her dad the other day, and I asked them what they were up to.  He informed me that he was the “bad guy” and was infact “in jail”. (This game is played pretty often in our family)  So I thought I’d get the rest of the story…


Me: “You locked up Daddy, huh?  Does that mean you’re the cops?”


Skylar (completely insulted): “I am not the cops!!”


(questioning looks exchanged between adults)


Skylar: (In an explanatory tone) I am the police.


Me: (cannot respond through laughing)


I didn’t realize there was any difference between the cops and police, but according to my 6 year old, there definately is!  Maybe she was talking about The Police:



Have a wonderful (cop-free) week!




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