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Happy Birthdays! April 19, 2011

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Lizz @ 8:17 am

Today is a special day for two special people: my Steve, and my Mom.  Today happens to be both of their birthdays, so Skylar and I would like to wish them both a very very happy day.


We all went out this past Sunday to a fantastic restaurant, Texas De Brazil.  We feasted on meat, and the amazing salad bar, until we could feast no more.  But there’s always room for a little dessert.  And of course, no birthday celebration is complete without Skylar helping you blow out your candles.


So to my amazing boyfriend Steve, the best dad any kid could ask for



And to my wonderful Mom, the coolest Grammy



We wish you both a Seriously Happy Birthday!


(Or not so serious)


With Tons of Love and Lots of Laughter,

Lizz and Skylar



One Response to “Happy Birthdays!”

  1. Happy birthday to my surrogate family 🙂

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