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100th Post! March 22, 2011

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Lizz @ 7:26 am


Happy 100th post to me!

Happy 100th post to me!

Happy 100th post to mmmmeeeeeeee!

Happy 100th post to me!!


Yes, this is my 100th post, and I’m so happy to have made it this far.  Honestly, it crept up on me quickly and I’m surprised we made it to 100 posts in just 6 months.  It’s been amazing, and I can’t see what we come up with in our next 100 posts.


I have something up my sleeve to celebrate this milestone, but you are going to have to be patient.  You will understand why later, but I will give you a few cryptic hints to drive you crazy…


First, it starts with a G, and ends with -iveaway.  Hmm, that wasn’t very cryptic.


My second clue is a lovely photo…



Those of you that frequent this site know that this kitchen tool takes center stage on a certain day of the week (that starts with M), and might deduce when our starts-with-G-ends-with-iveaway might be taking place.  Don’t those holes look so…empty?


Now that my super cryptic, un-crackable clues have been laid out, you are just going to have to wait in anxious anticipation to see what we have in store for you.


See you then!  Whenever “then” might be…(wink)




2 Responses to “100th Post!”

  1. CONGRATS!!! I heart you 🙂

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