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There are Hardly Words March 9, 2011

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Lizz @ 7:10 am

Before I show you this hilarious picture, I wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day to enter our Purex Complete Crystals Softener Giveaway.  Entering is simple, so Click Here for a chance to win a coupon for a free bottle of softener.  I know you all have laundry to do, and I want to make it easier for you!


Now, there are some times that one simple picture of your kid can just tickle your funny bone.  This is one for me.  There’s just so much going on, that I barely have words.  Just laughter.  Enjoy…



Haha!  It’s hard to see, but she had taped up the eyes of the mask.   The thing in her hand is a spinning flying sort of toy, but I think it sort of looks like a sword.  She also has a stuffed lamb and silly putty.  She looks like a crazy knight who went to mardi gras.


But she was happy and that’s all that matters.


Have a great day!




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