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Self Checking Flashcards March 5, 2011


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When I was in college, working toward my elementary education degree, I went to a math conference.  I know it’s nerdy, but I attended a really interesting session called “Math on a Budget”.  Any teacher, or parent working with kids at home, knows that teaching math is not only hard to explain to a young child, but it can also get expensive.  All the little bits and bobs you need to demonstrate math concepts can be purchased, but they really add up after a while.  Or, you can find creative ways to make them yourselves.  This idea came from that session, and even though I didn’t need them yet, I created them right away.  I still have them, approximately 8 years later.


I created large flashcards, one set for addition and one for multiplication.  The front side has a main number, and a smaller set of numbers 0-10 along the bottom.  Each number along the bottom has a hole next to it.


(each card in the set has a different large main number 0-10)


The backside has the answers.



Have your child pick a number and put a golf tee into that hole (or something else long and thin like a pencil tip, chopstick, ect.).



Now do the problem.  In our photo example, it would be 6 + 3.  Once your child comes up with the answer, they turn over the card without removing the golf tee.



The tee will be poking out next to the correct answer, allowing your child to check his own answers!


When I originally created these, I traced a large graphic onto construction paper, cut it out, used a sharpie to create nice dark details, and white paper for the eyes.  I used a regular hold punch around the edges and then wrote in all the numbers, making sure that the answers corresponded correctly on the back.  I then had them all laminated (since I was planning on using them in a classroom and needed them to be very durable).  Finally, I re-punched the holes.  That was 8 years ago, before the miracle of easy to use computer programs.


An alternative to this process would be to find a nice computer graphic, and print it onto cardstock.  Use something your child is into like trains, dinosaurs, princess stuff, or even pictures of the family.  My graphics were large and fit 2 per page.  Cardstock should be durable enough to not require lamination.  If you have older kids, you could also make sets for subtraction and division.


I hope you and your little mathlete enjoy these as much as we do.  Have a great rest of the weekend!




.UPDATE: I have decided to submit this to Made by You Monday on the Skip to My Lou Website.  You can click the picture below to see some of the other amazing things that have been made this week!


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11 Responses to “Self Checking Flashcards”

  1. Rachel Says:

    What a great idea! I’m going to add this to a post I’ll be sharing in the next little while.

    I’d LOVE to have you link up to my For the Kids Fridays Link Party!

    :)rachel at SunScholars.blogspot.com

    • Lizz Says:

      Thank you, and thanks for wanting to share it! I would love to link up to your Friday Party. I started following you on google reader so I don’t forget!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I featured this post on my blog today. You can find it here:

    You can grab a featured button from my side-bar if you’d like to post it on your site.

    Thanks for such a fun idea!!
    :)rachel from SunScholars.blogspot.com

  3. Diana Says:

    That is such a great idea. My grand daughter is just starting to learn to add, so this will work Perfect!!

  4. Rachel Says:

    Thanks again for sharing at the For the Kids Friday Link Party! I look forward to having you back this Friday!

  5. karen Says:

    Fantastic idea! I’ll be making these fir sure this week. Karen

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