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Friday in Photos – Wacky Hat Day February 25, 2011

Filed under: Friday in Photos — Lizz @ 8:16 am

In honor of reading “The Cat in the Hat”, all the kids wore wacky hats to school.  We have a whole container full of fun hats at home.  There always seems to be a need for goofy hats, so we always keep them around.


If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you might remember that we did a post similar to this while on a trip to Target.  If you want to see more craziness, click here to see those pictures.


For this event, Skylar tried on several options before choosing the hat she would wear to school.


Skylar Mouse


Captain Skylar


The Sky in the Hat


Skylar the Miner (don’t worry, she’s not in Chili)


The Good Witch of the North


The Easter Bunny never looked so cute!


And finally, here’s what she decided to wear to school…


Our Favorite!


I hope you enjoyed our crazy hat fashion show.  Do you have any favorite wacky hats at home?  Tell us about it!




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