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Vote! Vote! Vote! February 20, 2011

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As many of you probably already know from reading this blog, my best friend Mara from What’s For Dinner, has a very place in my heart.  She’s not only my bestie, but she’s also my blogging mentor.  So when Mara needs help, I will do what I can.


Mara has entered these amazing cupcakes….



…into a contest on the Pom Wonderful website.  These are dutch chocolate cupcakes with a pomegranate frosting. Yum!


While she is doing really well in the contest, she needs our help to place.  If you think her cupcakes look delish, please CLICK HERE.  Allow the website to fully load and it will bring a pop-up with her cupcakes and the recipe for them.  Click the Vote button, and you are done!  No signing up for anything will be needed.  You can vote once a day until February 28th.


Thanks for your help, and have a great rest of the weekend!




One Response to “Vote! Vote! Vote!”

  1. THANK YOU BESTIE!!!!! I heart you 🙂

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