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100th Day Project February 4, 2011

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On Monday (or maybe Wednesday, since there were just 2 snow days), my little kiddo will have been a Kindergartener for 100 days!  My goodness the time has passed so quickly!  I feel like she just had her first day of school.


As requested by her teacher, we put together a little collection for the kid’s 100th day of school party.  We were supposed to find a collection of 100 items.  Since my kiddo goes to a different school in the morning, she needs to be able to carry this collection herself, so it can’t be too large or too heavy.  Hmm… What do we have lots of, that we could turn into an interesting 100 collection?  Pony tail holders!!!



We made our collection a little more interesting by adding the element of patterns and counting by 10’s.


First Skylar made a pattern with 10 pony tail holders of her choice.  Then she knotted them together.  Then she did a new pattern, until she had 10 different patterns.  Some of the patterns were based on color, and some by size.


Next, we counted how many groups of 10 we had.  Then we counted to 100 by 10.


Then, we knotted the pattern groups together, end to end, to create one long line of 100 pony tail holders.  I showed her that she could still count by tens because you could easily see the different patterns representing each group of 10.


Finally, we completed the project by doing what the teacher requested.  Skylar counted each individual pony tail holder. 1-100.


She really did a great job, and is very good at counting.  We found that the whole chain easily reaches across our living room.  Without stretching, it’s about 17.5 feet long.  Stretching it out is up to the bravery of the people holding it.


Skylar is really excited to show her class what she made for her collection.  And I am happy to have been a part of the project.


Have any of you done a fun 100th day project?  Leave a comment and tell us all about it!


Have a great weekend!




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