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Skylarism – Shake like a… January 28, 2011

Filed under: Skylarisms — Lizz @ 11:47 am

The other day while getting towel-dried after her shower, Skylar was shaking with cold (a little too dramatically). Then she hit me with this cute little phrase:


 Skylar: “I’m shaking like a weed!”


 My response: “Hmm. Interesting. You know most people shake like a leaf. You must be extra cold to shake like a weed.”


 Skylar: “Yeah, definately.”


 I was laughing internally, and making a mental note to correct her phrase combination of “shaking like a leaf”, and “growing like a weed”. But for now I will just enjoy the moment, and anxiously wait for her to tell me to “make like a tree, and get out of here!” (and here we have a perfect reason to include a Biff montage…)



(Warning! There are a few bad words in here, so it’s probably not the best video for little ones)



Have a great weekend!




One Response to “Skylarism – Shake like a…”

  1. Deb Andersen Says:

    That is so cute!! They do say the cutest things. btw squiggles rolled over.
    Hi to you and Skylar and Steve.

    Love Deb

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