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Goodbye Sock Monster January 8, 2011

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I have a quick and easy tip to help keep little socks from running away, being eaten by the sock monster, or ending up in sock heaven during the dry cycle.


Enter the Lingerie Bag:

(available wherever fine laundry accessories are sold)




This little miracle bag will help you keep your sanity when it comes time to fold your baby’s socks.  This is especially useful for those teeny tiny newborn socks that are smaller than a post-it note.   All you do is put all of the socks into the lingerie bag, zip it closed, and wash and dry with the rest of the load.  You now have clean and dry baby socks, all together, with no escapees.



I kept this right next the hamper so socks went in the bag and didn’t have to be sorted out later.  This should also work to clean other small items, like cloth headbands, Scrunchies (circa 1985), shoelaces, ect.  So the next time you are ready for a load of laundry, try this out and show those socks who’s boss!


So tell me…What’s you best time saving, sanity sparing, pat yourself on the back idea?








5 Responses to “Goodbye Sock Monster”

  1. Great idea! The sock monster is hard to beat, but this looks like it could work 🙂

  2. Amy O Says:

    Hi Lizz!

    I started keeping bendy straws in a travel toothbrush holder in the diaper bag. The straight straws that restaurants usually provide are too long for younger ones and tend to contribute to spills. This way my kids don’t have to tip the cup dangerously to drink, and I don’t have to remember to bring entire sippie cups along. In a pinch I’ve also been known to cut a straight straw down to size with a butter knife!

  3. […] of my earliest posts is called Goodbye Sock Monster, and gives an easy tip on not losing little toddler socks in the washing machine.  But I do have […]

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