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Muffin Tin Monday – Food Picks, Skewers, and Kebabs! January 3, 2011

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Welcome to our first Muffin Tin Meal of 2011!  We have been participating in MTM for a few months now, and we love it!  Skylar always asks for her muffin tin over the weekend.  I enjoy making it, and she enjoys eating it.  Win-Win!


This week’s theme is a little different from any we have tried.  Instead of shape or type of food, this theme involves the actual accessories used.  Love it!  And away we go…



Top Row (left to right): Ham and Cheese Skewers, Italian Kebabs, Marshmallow and Cherry Skewers

Bottom Row: Bananas, Italian Kebabs, Grapes


The Italian Kebabs in the center are actually something we have made before (pre-blog). They are simply tortellini (ours are spinach and cheese filled), olives, and string cheese (cut into 6 pieces per stick).  I left these plain, but they can be sprinkled with a little bit of olive oil, parmesan cheese, and even balsamic vinegar.  These are very adult friendly kebabs as well.


We found the animal food picks at a local asian market.



We have been chomping at the bit waiting to find a good time to use these, and this theme was obviously the perfect time.  We knew the monkey was perfect for the bananas, and we chose our mutual favorite for the grapes, the giraffe.  I would like to say one thing about the giraffe though…


Did you see how happy and smiley all the other picks were?  See how happy the monkey is to be sitting on top of a pile of bananas?



So what’s going on here?



Whatsa matta Giraffe?  Don’t you like grapes?  Why you so sad?


Even Skylar asked what happened to his smiley face.  Perhaps the giraffe forgot to take his Lexapro this morning.  But I digress…


If you want to see what the other amazing Muffin Tin Meals for this week look like, be sure to check out Muffin Tin Mom’s Site.

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth


Happy Monday, and may your week be filled with happy giraffes!




16 Responses to “Muffin Tin Monday – Food Picks, Skewers, and Kebabs!”

  1. Oh, too, too funny! Thanks for the smile! I can’t sleep, and this just made my day (night) all better!

  2. *Giggle* Poor little giraffe! Although… maybe… I think the downward line might actually be supposed to be the defining line of his nose…? But yeah. My daughter would totally think this was a sad giraffe too. Meanwhile, I LOVE your tin! Looks really pretty, plus I love those Italian skewers – great idea. Too bad my Muffin won’t eat pasta… >:o(

  3. I will need to look for picks for JDaniel. I went off the grid today with my tin. This picks look thick enough for my two year old to use.

    The Italian kebabs are my favorite. Yum!

  4. varunner Says:

    Love those animal picks! You’re lucky you found yours locally. We have a few, but we had to order them from ebay.

  5. Carrie Says:

    Very cute and colorful muffin tin. I love the animal picks. You always have a creative and fun one!

  6. Lisa Says:

    A really cute tin. I love the animal picks.

  7. Jessica D Says:

    Those pick are super cute, they’ld be great for the tall/short theme coming up!

  8. so fun and so healthy! although the giraffe isn’t smiling, he sure is cute!

  9. Salina Says:

    WOW..That really looks like alot of fun and super yummy!! I need to get back into the swing of things. I am off my game. :o)

  10. SnoopyGirl Says:

    What a lovely lunch! Your toothpicks are a great touch to a wonderful meal! Happy New Years!

  11. That was funny! Awesome tin!

  12. kewkew Says:

    Your picks are so cute. JDaniel4’s mom wasn’t the only one that needed to go off topic today. We have no picks.
    I would have to say I really want to try your Italian kebobs, they look quite fancy because of the tortellini.
    Poor giraffe. I may never had noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it. What were they thinking?

  13. Melissa Says:

    The Italian skewers look really yummy and the one with the cherries is pretty. I’ve got to add some cute picks to my supplies really soon. I found some blue bear ones one clearance at Dollar General for next to nothing, but those are all I have so far. Happy New Year! :o)

  14. […] here’s a muffin tin lunch on skewers…big and small…from Lizz and A Little Bit of This and […]

  15. […] Muffin Tin Lunch Ideas […]

  16. Kelly H. Says:

    I have this same set of food picks and my daughter said her giraffe was mad. Haha! Would be a lot better if it was smiling. But so funny!

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