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Muffin Tin Monday – Christmas #2 December 13, 2010

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As this weekend was so busy for our family, I was planning on taking a break this week from MTM.  The puppy dog eyes I got in response to telling Skylar this told me I should reconsider.  I didn’t have a plan in place, so I sort of did what I could with what I had in the house (which wasn’t much!)  Here’s what we ended up with for our second Christmas themed muffin tin:



Top Row (Left to Right): Green Pickles (bread and butter chips), Marshmallow Snowballs with red spots, Green Pistachios

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Green and Red Fruit Cocktail, Christmas Tree Sandwich,  Chex Mix “Presents”


I used pickles for 2 reasons.  First, they are green.  Second, every time we had a holiday party growing up, we always had pickles on the appetizer table (olives too).  I’m not sure why, but because of that pickles make me think of the holidays.


The sandwich was a basic cheese sandwich that I cut out by hand (I don’t have very many cookie cutters).  I used cheese for the star (which is actually a small flower cutter I have, but it works), and M&M’s for the ornaments.  I felt like Goldie Hawn  in Overboard, pushing M&M’s into a sandwich!


Skylar loved figuring out why each thing could be related to Christmas (mostly colors).  She ate almost everything, except for the red spots I put in with the marshmallow snowballs.  They were cinnamon red hots, which I was happy to eat for her.


If you want to see more amazing Holiday themed tins, check out Muffin Tin Mom’s Site:


Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth


Have a great week everyone!




5 Responses to “Muffin Tin Monday – Christmas #2”

  1. Love it! I found a 40-piece Wilton Christmas cutter set for $6 at Joann’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, which has made so many more things possible for me, shape-wise!
    What a yummy-looking meal!

  2. Great job coming up with a great Christmas muffin tin on a whim!

  3. Melissa Says:

    Looks like a festive improptu lunch! :o)

  4. kewkew Says:

    I think your tin was so creative. I always explain to my girls how each thing fits in with our theme. Never thought to see if they could figure it out themselves.

  5. Carrie Says:

    Yum! I love red hots. Very cute lunch.

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