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Indecision Rears Its Ugly Head – Kindle Edition November 9, 2010

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I was given an wonderful gift last week. (Shameless plug ahead…) I am wrapping up my year as president of the Greater Chicagoland Chapter of PAHCOM, an organization for medical managers.  At our last meeting I announced next year’s new board members, and thanked this year’s board with a traditional small gift. It is also traditional for the outgoing president to receive a gift from the board. Much to my surprise, I was given this…



Um, yeah.


I was so touched by the thoughtfulness of this gift that I actually cried a little (which I never do in public).  I love to read, and have wanted a Kindle for as long as they have been around.  I immediatly rushed home, opened it up, and marveled at the beauty of the clean crisp screen.  I was in awe over how easy it is to operate, and how thin it is…


(That’s my index finger in the shot there.  It’s thinner than my finger!!)


So what could possibly be my dilema you might ask?  Well, a cool gaget like this deserves amazing material inside of it, and the possibilites are endless.  Here’s where I struggle…What should be the first thing I download?


I have had this thing for a week, and I can’t bring myself to decide what should be that first awe inspiring text I read from it.  So here I ask….


What would you recommend as my very first Kindle download?


I need your help!!.



P.S. Thanks again to Mara for letting me use her awesome camera for these fancy pictures of my new toy.


2 Responses to “Indecision Rears Its Ugly Head – Kindle Edition”

  1. Kelly Says:

    As I am forced to contemplate what to buy you for Christmas now that the gift you WERE going to receive has been removed from the list, my first download of my Kindle was the “Dragon Tattoo” series. PLUS I love all the free books from the Kindle store on Amazon. I have free books to read to Skylar – lots of Jane Austen – classics such as The Wizard of Oz, Tom Sawyer, Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allen Poe. I couldn’t wrap myself around the Scarlet Letter though…. There are lots of other random free books from unknown authors have been fun too – however – some are pretty racy – nearly pornographic. The problem with Amazon is that there is no ability to read a synopsis of the books before purchasing or downloading which I find very odd. You can read the readers reviews to get an idea of the story line and/or quality of the read. I would not like magazines on the Kindle because I like to look at pictures. When I travel, I will also download travel guides and look forward to that. Enjoy – have fun – and what would you like for Christmas now?

  2. Um, I believe that the decision is obvious: Harry Potter. Any of them or all of them 🙂

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