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Get Out of My Cupboards! October 20, 2010

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My daughter is now 5, and keeping her out of the cupboards in my kitchen is much easier than it used to be.  Sometime soon after she was able to move around on her own, the kitchen became a place of curiosity, fascination, and new toys (or so she thought!). Whether it be our own kitchen, or the one at my parent’s house, it was inevitable that Skylar would help herself to the Tupperware.  In no time flat, every piece would be lying around the kitchen floor, creating “music”, and making meal preparation just a little more difficult.  I am sure there are more than a few parents out there that understand what I’m talking about.


So I came up with a brilliant plan.  Kids always seem to want exactly what they are not supposed to have, so why not make it permissible?  And how did I act out this plan?  I simply gave my daughter her very own drawer in the kitchen.  I picked the lowest drawer and filled it with Skylar-sized kitchen items.  I am a HUGE fan of IKEA.  They have a great set of mini play pots and pans and baking stuff in the kid’s area.  And since everything there is so cheap, a normal sized set of mixing spoons came home as well.  A mini whisk and a few small bowls later, and voila!  Skylar’s Drawer was born.


From that point on, every time she came into the kitchen to play while mommy was cooking, she was told that she could play with her drawer, but please leave the others closed.  Worked like a charm!  Clean up is a snap too.  Just dump everything in and close the drawer.  I know the idea of giving up precious real estate in the kitchen is a little tough to swallow, but the aggravation of washing all of my plastic bowls several times a week is far worse.


Skylar at approx 2 years old


Skylar was given a Dora play kitchen for Christmas a few years ago, and she has gradually and naturally moved from her drawer to her own kitchen.  I now have 100% of the kitchen drawer space , and it only took 5 years.


I wish you all Good Luck!




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