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Friday in Photos (and words) October 15, 2010

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For those of you who do not live in Chicago, I would like to explain the weather here.  Most people think Chicago, and they think freezing cold winter.  And yes, you would be right, but there is so much more.  We can also have very hot humid summers.  These warm months are usually tarnished with a ridiculous amount of road construction.  The word is that the city is try to repair the damage from cold weather and snow plows.  I say it’s a conspiracy to make sure I never arrive anywhere on time, because even though we all live here nobody seems to know how to drive in construction.  Or rain.  Or snow.  Around here we have a saying: “We have 2 seasons, Winter and Construction”.  So what happened to the other 2 seasons?  They basically disappear.  The weather gets confused.  We can have one day in the 50’s and the next is in the 80’s.  This would be the case last weekend.  We spent several days in the 50’s, and lots of the trees started to get the idea it was fall.  They started changing colors and dropping leaves.  But Mother Nature had other plans and hit us with a weekend in the 80’s.  I love when this happens, because we get to do fall activities in nice weather.  Today’s photos are from our first fall activity of the weekend: Jumping in leaves!  In shorts!  Welcome to Chicago!






(Leaf Angel!)




Have a great weekend!




2 Responses to “Friday in Photos (and words)”

  1. Lisa Says:

    This fall stuff kind of reminds me of a random memory of our childhood. I remember having pumpkin seeds at your house for the first time ever. I thought that it was amazing that you could eat them.

    I love all the pics of your daughter! She is so pretty!

    Dustin and I are trying to go up to Chicago sometime. We are thinking sometime in December before Christmas. I hope we can meet up again!

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