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Muffin Tin Monday – Under the Big Top October 4, 2010

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When I first decided I wanted to participate in Muffin Tin Monday, I went to Muffin Tin Mom’s website.  This site is the hub of the whole project.  This is where the weekly theme is posted, and also where everyone’s amazing muffin tin meals are displayed.  I looked at the themes coming up.  The first was Shapes (see mine here), then there was a week without a theme (see mine here), and the next theme was Under The Big Top/Circus.  I immediately had an image pop into my head, and have spent the last several weeks anxiously looking forward to making it happen.  This is pretty close to what I envisioned:



Top row (from left to right) – pretzel rod tightrope, with babybel base, fruit leather safety net, other side of the tightrope

Bottom row (from left to right) – peanuts, lion face toast, popcorn (kettle corn of course!)


My tightrope was made with dental floss, and some patience.  I did bread a few pretzel rods trying to get them into the cheese.  (tip: rotate them in gently).


The lion face was actually pretty fun to put together.  I cut the mane out of a piece of bread by hand (I like the random-ness of it).  I then used a cup to cut a circle out of a second piece of bread, making sure it was small enough to fit into the other shape.  I stuck these in the oven to toast.  Then I spread pumpkin butter on the mane piece, and put the circle piece in place.  For the eyes I used slices of mini marshmallows, and fruit leather for the rest of the details.


The only thing that didn’t make it to the muffin tin was what I had imagined to be a tightrope walker.  I was hoping for one of these guys…



but they were all too heavy.  Oh well, maybe next time!


Remember to check out the other wonderful muffin tin creations here:

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth


Happy Monday Everyone!






12 Responses to “Muffin Tin Monday – Under the Big Top”

  1. varunner7 Says:

    Oh cute! i kept trying to come up with a way to do a tightrope – but I never quite go there. Way to go!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Super cute! Love the tightrope idea! Great job on the theme!

    gghfddhdrrdtryrey4r6ertterrtteyeteteyetteytyy [Sorry, my daughter HAD to type after me and JUST like me!]

  3. such a fantastic job! LOVE it all. the tightrope, net and that lion is adorable. 🙂

  4. Super, super cute! The tight rope idea is a gem and so creative. Awesome job!!

  5. JDaniel4's Mom Says:

    I love the lion and the tightrope! What a wonderful tin!

  6. JDaniel4's Mom Says:

    I am finally going through the messages from people that would like the chicken coupon. Please e-mail me your address and I will send it to you.

    jdaniel4smom at aol dot com

  7. I love the way you made the net at the bottom!

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