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Friday in Photos October 1, 2010

Filed under: Friday in Photos — Lizz @ 10:05 am

I am learning something about this whole blogging thing.  Some posts require planning, and shopping, and precise picture taking.  They require several takes, and perhaps some photoshop or cropping.  And sometimes all it takes is going to the dollar area at Target:








And of course, the one that started this whole giggle fest….



See you all at the Target dollar spot!




5 Responses to “Friday in Photos”

  1. please please please tell me you bought the turkey hat? please?

  2. Kelly Says:

    Do we get to vote for the best one?

  3. I LOVE the dollar spot at Target! I vote for the turkey hat.

  4. […] If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you might remember that we did a post similar to this while on a trip to Target.  If you want to see more craziness, click here to see those pictures. […]

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