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How to Open a Banana Like a Monkey September 29, 2010

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I find this annoying:  Taking a perfectly ripe looking banana,



pulling down on the stem, and instead of opening easily, it smushes the fruit inside, and splits on the backside.  Grrr!



For some reason, a mushy banana just isn’t the same.  So here’s a solution: Open the banana like nature intended.  Like the monkeys do!


Flip the banana over, and gently pinch the end without the stem until it cracks open.



Pull the two halves of the cracked ends until the banana peel starts coming apart.



Continue to peel the banana until it looks like something a monkey would be proud of.



You will now have, every time, a non-smushy banana with an easy to hold stem.  Feel free to impress your monkey kids and friends with your new trick.


Oooh ooooh, Aaaah aaaah!



One Response to “How to Open a Banana Like a Monkey”

  1. I always peel my bananas this way too! It also eliminates those banana stringy things since it’s the way nature intended it to be peeled too!

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