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Do It For My Mentor! September 21, 2010

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Hello Everyone!  I have a favor to ask.  I may or may not have mentioned before that I started this blog with vast amounts of help from my best friend Mara, of What’s For Dinner?.  Mara has decided to enter a contest on FoodBuzz.com, and she needs our help.  The winner of the contest is determined by votes, so I am asking for you to vote for my blogging mentor.  Since Mara can explain this better than I, here are the instructions, right off of her website:




Just a quick note:


Voting on Project Food Blog begins today! Please check out my first entry and then VOTE VOTE VOTE! Your support means the world to me!




* Visit my entry page on FoodBuzz.com
* Click on the “Vote for this entry”
* You must join (or sign into) FoodBuzz to complete the vote, but it doesn’t require more than a couple clicks!
* Repeat (if they’ll let you!)


Thank you in advance!!!



And I thank you all as well!




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