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Frozen Cupcake Balls September 18, 2010

Filed under: Food,Tips — Lizz @ 10:00 am

I hope you all enjoyed reading about the mini cupcake treats I had the pleasure of making with my best friend Mara, of What’s For Dinner?. If you are anything like us, by the time you get through about half of these mini cupcakes, you have all you need, are ready to call it quits.  We thought we would throw the unused balls into a baggie in the freezer for later use.  Wrong.  These balls are sticky, even when they’ve been in the freezer for a while.   So I came up with a good solution.


Lay down a sheet of wax paper, and place a roll of balls across it.



Roll that row into the wax paper.  Set another row, making sure that the wax paper completely separates each roll.  Repeat until all of the balls are wrapped in the wax paper.  If you are going to have more than 4 rows, consider separate wrappings.



Put the whole wrapping into a good Ziploc bag, and seal.  Its not a bad idea to write the date on the bag so you don’t forget how old they are.


Place the bag in the freezer until you are ready to make more mini cupcakes. My freezer just got more delicious!


Happy future baking!




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