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Chocolate Bark September 18, 2010

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Here we have the final post from last week’s adventure with Mara from What’s for Dinner? We made mini cupcake bites that were to die for!  What I have for you today is an idea of what to do with the leftover melted chocolate.  Now I cannot take credit for any part of this.  This was all Mara.  I just took the pictures.  And provided a few taste testers!


In our case, we had 3 different colors of chocolate: Dark, lavendar, and blue.  Mara and Skylar took all of the blue and lavendar, with a little bit of the dark chocolate, and swirled it around onto a paper plate.  They covered the swirled mixture with the rest of the dark chocolate, and added a few sprinkles.  We ended up with this:



The plate was put in the fridge to cool.  You will see the edges lifting from the plate edges when it’s cooled.  Once completely hardened, we took it out and cut it into pieces. This was easier to do in a “chisel” sort of way.  We took a butter knife, put the tip where we wanted to create a crack, held it upright, and gave it a push.



You could probably make nicely shaped pieces if you took the time to cut it properly, but I like the randomness of the chisel method.  Chop the whole thing into whatever sized pieces works for you.  What you will end up with are pieces of chocolate bark that are dark chocolate with sprinkles on one side and sort of tie-dyed looking on the other side.



I wasn’t even done cutting all the pieces before one of them was in Skylar’s mouth.  She’s in heaven with all this chocolate.  This really is a fun, yummy, great way to not waste valuable chocolate!






4 Responses to “Chocolate Bark”

  1. Oh good, I’m so glad that worked and wasn’t a nasty mess!! I say we make peppermint bark for the holidays!!

  2. sophia Says:

    Ah, that’s awesome. I like the random chisel method, too. Adds a touch of homemade goodness to it. This would make a great gift tied into a nice bag with a pretty ribbon!

  3. biz319 Says:

    Mara sent me over – love your site!!

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