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Phriday in Fotos September 17, 2010

Filed under: Friday in Photos — Lizz @ 9:02 am

For today’s photos, I would like to introduce you to a very special character: Skylar the Sleeping Acrobat.  I try to explain to people how active my daughter is when she sleeps.  People don’t understand how we can be so mean to not let her sleep in our bed.  We do in special circumstances, but that means that there are 2 adults who don’t get any sleep that night. Really, the point is that Skylar sleeps in the some of funniest positions…

(sorry for quality…some of these photos were taken with a camera phone)


(if you look carefully in the picture above, she is sleeping on her arm, holding her tush!)if(

Okay, so technically she is faking in this last one (but its funny).  I can assure you the rest are for real.


Have a Great Weekend!




3 Responses to “Phriday in Fotos”

  1. Kelly Dietrich aka Grammy Says:

    I can personally vouch for these sleeping positions. When she stays with us, we also find her in these crazy poses! Several nights, she will wander into our room around 3am looking to climb in with us. We know at that point that a good night’s sleep will no longer be possible. I have pictures of her from our April trip to Disney that were taken daily of her sleeping in the car every night following our days at the parks etc… BTW – the first picture needs explaining. No – her parents do not keep her in a cage. She crawled in there to pet the dog and fell asleep. Alas, the poor dog felt pressured and moved to another spot.

  2. Not to mention the photo of her dead asleep in her flower girl dress at our wedding, the drooling on the camp bus photo, and the one of her as an infant with her hands behind her head…

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