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5 things September 14, 2010

Filed under: 5 Things — Lizz @ 11:31 pm

In honor of the fact that I am currently out of town, I have thought of a few things to help you pass the time.  I will put up another food post tomorrow that you will really enjoy.  Until then…


5 things I will not travel without:

1)  Gum

2)  Camera

3)  Music

4)  Snacks

5)  A book


5 things Skylar can’t travel without:

1)   Gum

2)   Teddy bear

3)   Crayons

4)   Mommy’s DS or phone

5)   Something soft to lay her head on


5 Things I hate about hotel rooms:

1)  The towels

2)  Noisy ice machines

3)  Low water pressure

4)  Pools that close at 11

5)  Receptionists that forget to tell you that your wireless internet is free if you enter a special code, and you wait for 2 days to learn this information


5 reasons I love this hotel room:

1)  The cool square undermounted sink

2)  Free shampoo/conditioner

3)  Fridge AND microwave

4)  Amazing view of Orlando

5)  Unlike home, the bed is magically made when I am gone!


Happy Travels!




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